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"I remember in 1996, my wife and I moved into our new home in Belmont.  I vowed to never move again!

Fast forward 22 years . . . in retirement, I was dealing with the unexpected passing of my wife,  had limited mobility and needed to move from my home in order to renovate and sell it under a deadline.  With part-time help from relatives, I was making only limited progress.  I knew I needed HELP.

Cindy and Yvette were the COMPLETE answer. Working with them on a daily basis, we began to clear the house. We sorted my belongings room by room, closet by closet, cabinet by cabinet, drawer by drawer and boxed them into various categories: necessities, keepsakes, photographs, art work, donations, gifts to friends and relatives, recycling, trash, etc. . . . always with a sense of patience, understanding and humor.  If I were uncertain what to do with an item, they listened to my thoughts carefully, laid out alternatives, and followed through with what I decided.  

At various stages they found reliable services and people to take away furniture and other unneeded items, arranged to bring in and fill a dumpster, arranged for a pod, the packing of its contents, and its transport to a vacation home. They then brought in movers to load and move me to my new apartment. They expertly packed my belongings and provided detailed labels of the contents room by room.  After my move they spent two days helping me unpack the most necessary items to begin my new life ... I was most satisfied. I was completely done with my project in less than a month, which I could never have imagined being possible before we started working together.

I can unequivocally recommend The No. 1 Ladies' Organizing Agency for this type of complex, time sensitive move . . ."

Mark S.

Belmont/Redwood Shores, CA 2/2019

"We were so grateful to find Cindy and Yvette from The No. 1 Ladies' Organizing Agency to coordinate the move for my 100 year old grandmother from Independent to Assisted Living.  They provided valuable guidance on how to minimize disruption of my grandmother's daily routine during the move, and made sure she was completely comfortable in her new surroundings.  No easy feat, as I scheduled and handled our side of the project from another state!  They are the perfect solution if you need to move an older relative and can't actually do it yourself."

Tracy H.

Colorado 1/2018

"If you feel overwhelmed and find yourself walking in circles call Cindy & Yvette.  They will break down tasks and keep you focused. They know who to call and give you purpose.  They helped me find the light at the end of the tunnel."

Diane L.

San Carlos  8/2017

"Cindy and Yvette provide A+ organizing and move-assistance services. Their work is excellent in all categories, even the most difficult ones. Naturally they are meticulous and precise. But they also work well under severe pressure. For me, it was important to have them listen to my wishes.  Cindy and Yvette are tops in this area too.  They can be relied upon, which may be the most crucial category: they will get your job done 100%."

William D.

Atherton  11/2017

"It was overwhelming for me to think about moving to a new city after my stroke.  Cindy & Yvette sorted through all my belongings with care and helped me decide what to take with me.  They were very patient, as it was not easy for me to make choices.  After they packed for me and found a mover I liked, they met me at my new home and unpacked all my things! I didn't realize how much stuff I had and didn't need."

Sandra M.

San Jose  9/2016

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